How To Be An Excellent Guitar Player In Five Basic Steps

Last time I talked about looking the part, having good equipment, tips on how to come across professionally, and methods to get up to speed on your singing.

This week, I'm going to share some simple, but frequently ignored pieces of data that can really push the impression you make from just a guitar player, to a fully fledged musician.

3. Be in tune.

Never ever trust your ears for tuning whenever you are playing with or in front of men and women. You may think you sound perfectly in tune and at the same time you might be sending an individual (most likely me) up the wall.

When you are in tune, you sound as good as the songs played on any online music rock station. When you are not, you sound like a loser. It is very simple to do, so make sure you do.

A music production beat maker machine is essential, regardless if you wish to produce some good hip hop or rap tracks, or simply have some beats right behind your very own jazz or vocals.

4. Learn Pinch Harmonics

This sounds so idiotic it has to be true. Essentially the most boring of licks can be livened up and turned into an ear catching line with the addition of a simple pinch harmonic.

The sudden dynamic shift that's produced by the pinch harmonic will grab everyone's attention, and is the sort of thing most people only hear on record. It can be immediately associated with being professional, and professional is associated with talent.

If you have just brought home a brand new guitar then congrats. It really is a wonderful feeling to finally hold a Fender or Gibson after a long time dreaming of doing so.

To perform the pinch harmonic, simply follow your picking stroke on the string using the slightest edge from your thumb, in the exact same motion. It may take a little to get used to, but once you nail it sounds amazing.

You will find a lot of people who believe that music is life. Music is definitely something that can motivate one's everyday life.

Be warned though, muffle it, and it will sound terrible. So make sure you can get it right every time before you pull this trick out in front of anyone.

A hobby is one thing you prefer doing during any leisure time. It can be anything actually - a sports, comprehending books or singing.

5. Learn 1 Solo Really Well

It does not matter what you do, but if you impress someone once at any given task, they are going to remember. And that goes especially for lead guitar. All it requires is one great solo rendition and you will always be thought of as an excellent guitarist.

The music industry is something which never stops moving and whenever you take your eyes off it for a few days you'll find your self behind the times with the current news and the top new songs.

For tips on the ideal solo, listen the best rock music by searching the web for a rock music list of songs with great lead guitarists.

The other benefit of this is the confidence that you can play that effectively. And being a good guitarist is all about confidence.

Wrap Up

That concludes my guide. I hope that you have the tools to at least get you some respect and hopefully fool the typical and not so typical Joe into thinking you are better than you are.

This is no substitute for genuine practice and hard work, but they all work hand in hand. If you want to be a good guitarist, it will take time, but at least you'll be able to speed up the appearance a bit.

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