Three Tips To Run A Café That Will Make You More Successful Than An Investment Banker!

Have you always fancied opening your own café or a small eatery? Or are you already the proud owner of one that you’ve opened recently? Owning a café or a restaurant can be a very challenging task but at the same time there are a lot of aspects to it that make it equally rewarding. Being the owner of an eatery or a café involves meeting and interacting with a lot of new people, and moreover, you get a platform to showcase your talent and culinary skills as well as your individual personality and creativity. Here are a few interesting tips and some unique guidelines that will add to all these aspects, turning your new venture into a success.

Keep those incentives coming

Scared Candy

When you start a café, when it’s newly launched, you need to make sure that people who come, find reasons enough to visit again. This can be done by positive reinforcement or, in other words, by giving them some incentives and providing free facilities such as free access to wireless internet, books and magazines. This will keep the customers in your café/ restaurant for a longer period of time. As far as free incentives are concerned, you could come up with ideas like offering meal deals, or stamp cards, or even free coffee flavors, free espresso shots, free drink on a birthday, or free food items with certain purchases. First-timers could be treated with a complimentary welcome drink or refreshments, or dessert or chocolates before leaving.

Do not underestimate the value of restaurant supplies

As far as restaurant supplies are concerned, every restaurant or café would have the basics – cutlery, napkins, glassware, and paper napkins etc. but it is important to ensure that the restaurant supplies that you provide are handy, practical and convenient, and add to the joy of eating and drinking. For instance, snacks like sandwiches, burgers, baguettes, rolls etc. can be placed on silver foil before being served on the plate, or to make it more unique you can provide silver foil or cling wraps so that people can wrap-up their food item themselves and take it home if they can’t finish it. You can also provide doggy bags to carry food home. For drinks like coffee and milkshakes, you can offer paper cups with lids if the customer is in a hurry and needs to rush. For serving alcohol, make sure the glassware range looks stylish but at the same time, is of good quality and possibly unbreakable.

Focus on the overall ambience

Monsoon interior II

People like to go to places that look good, sound good and make them feel good. Make your eating place comfortable and cozy enough to establish a good mood. You can make the place look inviting and creative by placing sofas, cushions or traditional rugs/ quilts. Make sure that the music playing is appropriate and that the place looks clean, neat and organized. One must also ensure that the employees are pleasant and friendly and offer quick and efficient customer service.

These were a few tips you could follow in order to give additional success to your café and ensure that your customers remain and happy and keep coming back.

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Christopher Greens is a businessman and says that you must have some special techniques to draw customers for your business. He also says that restaurant supplies in melbourne are given special care as it affects the overall performance of a restaurant.

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6 Reasons 3D Printing Might Not Become As Big As We Think It Will

When 3D printers were first invented there were a lot of excited people walking around. Could it be possible to make anything you want from the comfort of your bedroom after you’ve hit a few letters and numbers into a computer? At the moment it’s getting used for some amazing things that would take your breathe away.

That’s great, but the problem is if it can roll out on a bigger scale. It’s OK listening to what some random scientists are printing, though if you can’t do the same then what’s the point? Some people don’t think it’s going to be as big a deal as we first thought. Let’s take a look at some of their reasons and see if you agree with them.

CES 2012 - Cubify 3D printing

Simple costs more

With manufacturing you’ll find that something is more expensive to make when it’s more complicated. This is the opposite with 3D printers and simple designs are more expensive. It’s because you’re only paying for ink and with more complex designs there will be more air between the parts. How can someone charge more for something because of the perceived value when everyone knows it doesn’t even cost too much to make? What you’ll find is that people would manufacture the normal way and keep their costs up.

Making weapons

At the moment we have a complicated way of manufacturing firearms and it involves giving each one a special serial number. If everyone was just allowed to print their own guns and bullets it would cause carnage. Imagine if someone used it to hurt another person and they get away with it because the police couldn’t trace it. While there’s the possibility that anyone could print their own gun it’s going to take a long time before someone could do it in their garage.

It very slow to print

If something is getting printed it takes much longer than usual to end up with the finished article. This isn’t too good if you’re busy because it means you’ll not be able to sell as much products. When something is very hard to scale it means there’s not many places you can go if you want to earn more money. You’re going to find it much easier to increase production than raise the price. Regular manufacturing allows you to do this easily.

No moving parts

You might sell something with moving parts and it’s difficult to get right on a 3D printer. You’ll probably not waste your time and stick with regular manufacturing. This could of course change in the future and when the printers are more advanced they could be able to print anything. You’ll just need to wait and see, but don’t hold your breathe because when you think about trying to print moving parts it seems very complicated.

Cheap printers don’t do much

Most of us who would buy a printer would go for a cheap one. The more advanced ones will be very expensive until the price eventually comes down. If you only have a cheap 3D printer they don’t really do much. You can’t print anything too advanced, so they’ll only be good for little decorations. At the moment people are using them to print phone covers, so that gives you an idea of the kind of things you can do with them.

Things going wrong

You’ll start seeing problems and will need to call someone out to fix them. As with any new technology there’s always a teething stage in the beginning and you shouldn’t expect them to run smoothly all the time. If you are calling someone out all the time you’ll be paying lots of money to have it fixed. With normal printers I’m sure you’re skilled enough by now to fix them yourself. Can you honestly say you would know what to do with a 3D printer once you opened it up?

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Todd Jones is the owner of a mat board selling company which specializes in wholesale mat boards. He loves to blog during his free time.

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The Way You Display Your Products Matters; Tips to Do It Right the First Time

If you are new to owning a business, getting your products out quickly and effectively can seem like a major stress. There seems to be so much information on the web these days and in textbooks but it is a lot of information to sift through. While you may have studied up, maybe things still aren’t working as effectively as you’d like. We are glad you found us because today we are going to talk to you about a few simple ways to display your products so people want to buy them; many business owners seem to miss these steps and their sales show it.

 Have Fun with Mannequins

Sexy Mannequin

Using a mannequin to display your clothing or accessories may seem like breeze but there are ways to do it wrong and ways to do it right. While it’s true that if someone wants something, they will buy it; if that item isn’t properly displayed and grabbing attention, you are losing sales. Many people who shop are in a hurry and you want them to notice things that maybe they didn’t stop by to purchase so they leave with more than they intended and leave happy.

Instead of simply lining up your mannequins in a row at the front of your store, why not place them sporadically through your shop? Maybe you’ll have one or two near the hat section, and a few by jewelry in places that makes the room pop. Instead of placing them side by side in a symmetrical manner, try placing them more freely. This is going to give the room more personality and depth. It is going to interest your buyers much more than a predictable pattern would.

Let Your Personality Run Wild


Since you are the business owner, you have complete creative control so take your passion for the products you sell and let your imagination run wild. Maybe you want to take some of your display t-shirts and instead of having them for sale, take the loss and fold them into fun shapes and place them on the wall as if they are a piece of art. Things like this are unexpected and customers are going to love it. What other shop have you seen do that?

Don’t forget to make the most of your wall space. Hang shirts, hats and anything else you think will grab attention on your walls. If you want to take it a step further, organize things by color; Of course, change is important. If every time someone comes into your business things are the same way they were before; they aren’t going to be as inclined to buy. Make them search a little for what they want and surprise them with new items. Things that you want to sell the most should always be the front of the store, near the cash registers, fitting rooms, bathrooms or anywhere that you are going to get the most foot traffic such as facing isles.

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Jason smith is an avid business blogger. He is a business consultant by profession. He is of the opinion that the internet is a great place to shop for good quality and affordable Display Stands.

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4 Amazingly Useful Marketing Tips for Restaurateurs

Running a successful restaurant is one of the toughest challenges in business, no matter where in the world the restaurant is located. If a restaurant is devoid of customers, it does not matter how good the cuisine is. Effective marketing can help ensure that customers want to try out your restaurant at least once. Here are 4 very helpful marketing tips for restaurateurs.

Never underestimate the power of free samples

When it comes to effectively marketing a restaurant, giving out free samples has always worked like a charm. However, it is a technique that is being implemented less often than it should. Part of the reason is the misconception that your restaurant is too good to indulge in such a marketing technique. In reality, some of the best restaurants in the world indulged in giving out free samples when first looking to establish a strong foothold in the local market. Triple Michelin Star winning chef Gordon Ramsay recommends food sampling sessions as one of the best ways to reach out to new customers.

Attend food and wine festivals

Most repeat customers to any restaurant are often food lovers who appreciate good cuisine. Such customers do not mind paying to enjoy good food and frequently dine out. It is every restaurateur’s dream to have a client base that can boast of such regular customers. However, in order to draw in such customers, it is important to adopt a marketing strategy that allows your restaurant to reach out to them. The best way form of outreach, when targeting food lovers, is by attending various local food and wine festivals. It may be a bit expensive to attend one of these, but it is an investment that guarantees massive returns; the best money on marketing a restaurateur can ever spend.

Reward customers to advertise your restaurant

Word of mouth advertising is one of the primary ways that restaurants are able to find new customers. However, it is not the most efficient method and you cannot depend on every customer to recommend your eatery to other people they know. However, you can encourage customers to tell their friends about your restaurant by providing certain incentives. There are numerous restaurants that experiment with different “special offers” that reward their existing regular customers for bringing in new ones.

Incorporate QR codes in menus to boost social media profile

Every restaurant needs to have a strong social media presence in order to generate a good buzz about itself. The simplest way to make your customers follow you on Twitter, ‘like’ your Facebook page or check-in with Foursquare is to add QR codes in the menu. All the customer has to do is scan the QR code using their smartphones and they will instantly be redirected to the relevant social media profile. It is a much better way to ensure that customers do end up on the restaurant’s social media profiles than hoping that they remember to do so after getting home to their computers.

The 4 helpful tips mentioned above will ensure that you have a fine marketing strategy in place to promote your restaurant.

Mathew Donald is a well-known marketing and advertising expert and is also the author of this post.

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Management 101: Substance vs. Style

Screenshot of MindManager 8 software

Screenshot of MindManager 8 software (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ask ten different people what makes a good manager and you might get ten different answers. What many people don’t realize is that the secret to truly effective management lies in those things that aren’t necessarily apparent on a superficial level. Simply put, good leadership comes down to substance, whereas many managers get caught up in style. What does substance versus style mean to you as a manager? Here is some food for thought:

Elements of style. A manager who fulfills the basic elements of managerial style might fall into a number of plain-to-see categories. These can include things like dressing the part (that suit and tie sure does look impressive, doesn’t it?), portraying confidence (whether real or of the “fake it ’til you make it” kind), communicating well (written, verbal, and body language), and always taking the leadership reigns. There is no arguing that some of these are good qualities for a manager to have. However, they are just the bare minimum of what it takes to look like a good manager. Managers who lack substance also lack a firm foundation on which to build lasting careers.

Elements of substance. In order to achieve true, ongoing success, managers must elevate themselves above style and into the realm of substance. Elements of substance include vision, conviction, character, consistency, accountability, a genuine desire to see others do well, the ability to understand human psychology, an openness to the ideas of others, flexibility, accountability, and an interest in modern advances in technology that can improve workplace productivity. As you can see, these qualities go far above and beyond the more shallow elements of style.

How to improve on substance. If while reading over the elements of substance you came to the realization that you are lacking in certain areas, there is no need to fret. You can develop substance with conscientious effort. You must be willing to look at yourself honestly – no holds barred – and make changes as necessary. It is a good idea to ask your employees for their input, and to pay great attention to what they say, as well as the implications of what they don’t say. For example, you may find that a considerable number of your team members use ambiguous terms like “I’d like to be able to offer more input,” or “sometimes my good ideas are not used,” in which case the real problem (and what they are NOT saying) may very well be that you need to learn active listening skills in order to improve your relationships.

Substance development is an ongoing process that requires some trial and error. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, as the biggest mistake you could make would be to not try at all. Your career in management depends on it.

About the Author: Joane Uzdygan is a small group manager with a flair for guiding her team. She uses simple project management software to avoid complicating their tasks and makes sure the group takes time out each day to breathe and socialize.

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5 Things Small Businesses Do To Be More Productive And Earn More Money

I don’t know if you’ve run your own business your entire life. If you have then you might not have experienced what it’s like to work in lots of different places. Although it sounds horrible it’s actually great for picking up small pieces of wisdom. Not many places get everything right. They all have some sort of flaw that makes them less productive than they should be. But individual places come up with one or two genius solutions for doing things. Once you start working in different places you learn about each of those cool solutions that will save time and help a business run more smoothly.

Then you can put them all together and start a hugely successful business. That’s the plan anyway. Sometimes all that’s lacking in a business is some sort of system, or using something that will save everyone time. If you have more time it means you will make more money. It doesn’t really matter if you haven’t had the pleasure of picking up tips from different places. We’re going to look at some now and you can steal them from here. Implement them in your business and watch it take off.

They only use mobile phones
A mobile phone number isn’t very professional if you’re trying to run a business. Start asking people to spend lots of money on a phone call and they might get a little annoyed. There’s an easy way to fix it and all you have to do is acquire the services of a company like Grasshopper. They will give you a proper phone number, so nobody can’t say you’re not professional. You can still run the business from your iPhone and life will become easier. You can even have extensions if there’s more than you in the company.

They don’t open their mail
If you’re a big company then you’ll have a mail department. That means everything is taken care of and the people who should be doing work are actually doing it. Smaller companies can get their mail dealt with from an outside company. If you use as special mailing address you mail with get sent there. After they receive it you will be sent emails of the mail. It just means you don’t need to open or destroy it. Everything is dealt with on the computer.

They use a whiteboard
There’s too many people sitting about when they should be hard at work and it’s usually because they procrastinate. When a small workforce has their jobs written up on a whiteboard for all to see it means they know what they should be doing. They can’t just sit about wasting time because they’ll be found out. Something so simple works fantastically well.

They don’t multitask
Since when did multitasking become so popular? It’s the most unproductive way to work in the world. In small companies where they want to actually do some work they task someone with a job that they work on until complete. You don’t start swapping between jobs every few minutes otherwise you will be there all day. Do yourself a favor and when doing work you should concentrate on the same job for at least a few hours.

They use two computer monitors
You only have one set of eyes, so I guess that means you can only look at one screen at the same time. That doesn’t mean you wouldn’t benefit from having more than one monitor. Nobody is expecting you to look at both of them at the same time. It’s not about sitting there cross-eyed until you get dizzy. The reason you use two is because it stops you having to flick between windows every 2 minutes. It will save you lots of time.

Stanley Cooper has a strong sense of business acumen that has helped him achieve success in a very short span of time. He is a big fan of the service provided by the

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How Does the Channel Management Program Work?

Channel Marketing Management refers to the process of creating formalized programs meant for servicing the needs of customers within a given channel. It’s also meant for selling a given product or service to the customers in a very positive way.

Actually, there are diverse kinds of channel management solutions out there. They also offer specific programs in several forms. In any case, there’s always the right channel management program that can suit your needs. You just need to discover how such a program works.

Basic Features of a Channel Marketing Program

A good channel marketing program comes with unique features. Let’s examine some of them.

• The Program is usually similar to running a small business. It involves knowing your company, your customer’s issues and your channel partner’s business. • The program also demands an implementation plan. This contains the way you want your products or services to be marketed. It also includes how you intend to develop and grow your revenue base, how to identify target customers and communication channels. It also involves how to create an ongoing value for your business.

How a Channel Management Program Works

For a channel Management program to work effectively, you need to have a working plan on ground. The key points you have to consider include:

• Segmenting and Recruiting Process • Revenue Stream Development • Getting your companies properly aligned and • Growing the Relationship

Let’s examine each of these points further.

Segmenting and Recruiting Process

Here, you have to segment all the available channels according to the various characteristics that are vital to your business. Among such characteristics includes, the buying pattern, customer needs and other necessary factors. You’ll then go ahead to determine the specific function of each partner. You need to put the specific skills of each partner into consideration. You’ll also consider the revenue patterns you expect from them, the number of the partners, the place you actually need them and the impact they will make on your business. With these considerations, you can start customizing your channel management program.

Revenue Stream Development

You have to device avenues of generating enough revenue streams in your program. Two major revenues can be considered here. They include your channel sales plan and your channel marketing plan. The channel sales plan involves how you’ll address several opportunities, how you’ll build preferences and also share information. On the other hand, your channel marketing plans involves how you intend to create awareness and generate interest for your products and services.

Getting your companies properly aligned

This involves linking various customer roles and processes together. It also involves research, sales, marketing, finance and other aspects. You have to align all these properly to suit your business needs.

Growing the Relationship

This involves knowing how your partners are organized, understanding their key business processes and knowing the major decision makers involved. They have to come together to form a synergy.

In all, your channel management program will always work if you take time to create it according to rules. You can also locate reliable clues from various channel management services.

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Walt Robertson has immense knowledge on the subject of channel management program, CRM. He regularly guides business managers on how best they can take advantage of channel marketing management, Partner relationship management and PRM software to enhance their sales. To find out more about how you can be benefited and grow your business & sales read Relayware Blog

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Seven Leadership Skills Essential in Small Business

Of all the skills needed to effectively run a small business, it’s leadership skills that are arguably the most important. A business needs direction and if there isn’t a leader at the helm, where is it Small Business Administration Awards Luncheonsupposed to get that direction from?

Here are seven examples of the leadership skills necessary to guide a small business through the perils of the current economic climate. If you’re a small business owner and you don’t have them, you better hope that you can find someone who does.

 Be a Good Listener

If you want to motivate those around you, you need to genuinely listen. If you want to solve problems, you need to listen to people as they explain what is causing them. Understanding the importance of listening and taking the time to actually do it is an essential part of being a good leader.

 Be a Mentor

Your employees are the lifeblood of your business. When you invest in them, you are investing in your business. Being a leader isn’t just about telling people what not to do, it’s about educating them so that they know what to do before you tell them.

Lead by Example

The easiest way to lead is to do so by example, it also happens to be one of the most important. You can’t expect those under you to behave professionally, if you are not a professional. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and don’t be one of those leaders who can never actually be found when you need him.

Know when to Delegate

Some business owners confuse being a leader with being the person that does everything. Effective leadership requires delegation. If you are going to do everything yourself, why exactly are you paying people to turn up everyday?

The most important thing to remember when delegating work to people is that you must give them ownership of the task. Let them know that succeed or fail, it’s on them.

Know Your Employees

If there are less than twenty people working under you, there’s no excuse for not knowing who they are. You don’t need to socialise with your employees outside of work but you do need to know more than just their names.

Where do they want to go career wise?

What are their skills, and more importantly, their weaknesses?

How do they respond to encouragement/criticism?

If you want to get the most out of your employees, you need to know these things. Demonstrating that you know such things is also an excellent way of motivating them.

Be Open and Honest

Cultivating a work environment in which people are honest and open, requires that you be honest and open too. When you make a mistake, own up to it. When there’s a problem or confl

ict, don’t ignore it, tackle it head on. Don’t allow tensions to grow under the surface.

 Keep Your Ego in Check

Nobody wants to work for a know it all. Treat every one of your employees as an equal. Nobody likes being talked down to and in most cases, the person on the other end simply stops listening. The best leaders are humble individuals. The best leaders are those who are willing to take advice from anyone, regardless of their position in the company.

Jim Conners is a retired real estate consultant. He is also fond of blogging. For strategic business matters like mergers and acquisitions he advises people to consult only accredited business consultants.

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Binary Options Trading Is Very Simple

binary options

binary options (Photo credit: opportplanet)

For every person, there is one common dream and that it is to be financially secure and be able to provide all the comforts that his or her family wants. For that, some people do jobs to take home a salary that can provide for their needs. But if you truly want to lead a comfortable life, you need to earn a lot more than what you get from your salary. This can only happen if you are a successful businessman. Since everybody cannot be a businessman, the next best thing is Binary Options Trading.

Types of Binary Options

You may be wondering what is Binary options. Binary Options Trading is a type of option that you can trade online. There are two types of binary options that you can choose from. One type is known as the “cash or nothing” option. In this, when the option expires, it would give you some predetermined cash. The other type of option is known as the “asset or nothing” option in which you would get the value of the asset on which the option has been traded. Both options have their pros and cons and you would need to decide which one would give you the more profit.

Why you should do it

While most of the stock market and other exchanges may seem too complicated for you to dabble your money in, you need not have any such concerns when it comes to Binary Options Trading. It is very simple to understand. The only thing that you would have to concern yourself would be the date at which the option expires. If you take the help of a good broker, you would be able to understand the nuances of the game very easily and would be able to play the market without any problem.

Strategies that you use

As you probably already know, there is no one universal strategy that is guaranteed to work all the time. If there were any such strategy, then the whole system would come crashing down. There are quite a lot of different strategies that are used by different people all over the world. The best thing you can do is study about these various strategies and figure out which would work the best for you. Once you figure that out, you can tweak that strategy based on the situation that you find yourself in at that point in time.

Amy Jackson is a journalist who writes for several busines and econominc magazines.

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