Mobile Money Bandit Review – $4000 Unadvertised Bonus

Mobile Money Bandit Review – Read my detailed review of Mobile Money Bandit and discover how you can download $4000 in Unadvertised Bonuses!

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Before I get into my Mobile Money Bandit Review let me tell what it is not.

  1. It is not a system where you send traffic to a mobile adnetwork.
  2. It is not a system where you create mobile apps.



“My Official Mobile Money Bandit Review!”


Overview – What is Mobile Money Bandit?

Mobile Money Bandit is  Justin Elenburg’s step-by-step program for combining
Mobile Marketing + Pay Per Call (“Tap ‘
n Talk”) marketing.

The system was designed to allow you to make money in the rapidly growing mobile marketing field without selling a product . Justin’s system shows you how to make money from from mobile marketing by getting paid every time a user calls your affiliate phone number.

For Example:

You can make  $10.50 if someone stays on a call for only 30 seconds


… You can make $22 if someone stays on the phone for 2 minutes!


… You can make  $35 per call for only 1 minute on the line!

“Why Mobile Marketing bandit works!”

  1. Conversions for this kind of marketing is 20%-30% while tradition internet marketing is only about 1%-2%.
  2. You get paid for providing free information.
  3. You don’t have to worry about refunds because you are not selling a product. but instead you are getting paid to provide mobile phone users with the information that they are looking for.

“My Final Analysis of Mobile Money Bandit!”

In my opinion the Mobile money Bandit system is the future of affiliate marketing. With conversions from 20% – 30%, it is just a matter of time before the word spreads and everyone starts using this kind of system to make money online instead of promoting CPA and Pay Per Sale Offers. If you want to be ahead of the crowd the I recommend you get the Mobile Money Bandit Course, while it’s still in it’s infant stage.


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Ps. I hope my Mobile Money Bandit Review helped you make an informed decision.

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